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  Posted on: Thursday, September 17, 2015
Feds make cyber push to fight Houston epidemic of meth, other drugs
Source: Dane Schiller

As Houston fights an epidemic of methamphetamine, “synthetic marijuana” and other illegal drugs, top law-enforcement officers are to unveil a network of Web sites aimed at potential users and their families.

A news conference, of Who’s Who in law enforcement in this region, is set for Thursday.

The text, videos and links don’t share old-school slogans, such as “Just Say No,” but an array of facts, ranging from the number of Houston gangs connected to international cartels, to what parents should look for if they are concerned their children are using drugs.

A new Web site, is being unveiled by law enforcement agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Houston High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.

“In the past decade, there has been significant growth in the illicit trafficking of drugs throughout the United States,” notes the Web site, “The Houston area continues to be threatened due to the close proximity to the U.S.- Mexico border.”

The site is one of those expected to be promoted during the news conference, but it is already live on the Web.

The public is also asked to submit anonymous or confidential tips regarding drug crimes, such as someone operating a stash house or laundering money made from drug sales.

A drop down menu categorizes answers and funnels them to the agencies with jurisdiction.

The effort focuses on Houston and Southeast Texas. It has the backing of at least 18 agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, Houston Police Department and the Department of Justice.

They are coordinated by the Houston High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, a federally funded coalition of law-enforcement agencies from 17 counties in the Gulf Coast region.

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